Secondary Care Appraisal Toolkit

For Career Grade Doctors in Secondary Care


As part of your appraisal each year, you are asked to produce evidence of clinical activity which reflects your commitment to delivering a high standard of patient care, and evidence of learning and developmental activities (CPD) which you have undertaken to improve and develop your practice. The material should demonstrate that you have considered and evaluated the quality of your work, the impact on patient care and have considered changes in behaviour where appropriate. Your appraisal offers you an opportunity to discuss this and reflect on all aspects of your practice with your appraiser, which may highlight areas where it could be further developed.

How can the Toolkit help me?

This toolkit is adapted from the Resource Pack for Secondary Care doctors developed by Dr Gordon Birnie with the addition of some material from the Scottish GP Appraisal Toolkit.  It is designed to help you formulate your supporting information collection.

The menu navigation on the left is broken down by the Appraisal Forms you have to complete, and any other additional materials / templates you may find useful.

Our aim, in offering the toolkit, is to provide an up-to-date resource for all doctors who are preparing material for their appraisal and revalidation. As such, it offers an extensive menu of educational activities and methods covering all areas of practice which you may find useful when reviewing your current practice or when planning future learning and development (PDP). This toolkit is designed to be a dynamic document which can be updated as appropriate.

Revalidation Evidence - What should I be doing now?

The GMC has produced a leaflet which explains what doctors need to do to get ready for revalidiation.  "Get ready for revalidation: doctors" can be downloaded from the GMC website (link opens in new window).

We recommend that all doctors should NOW be collecting evidence for their portfolio, and that material presented at appraisal should be retained and included in this portfolio.  SOAR offers you a central location to store and share your evidence with your appraisers for your appraisals.

Toolkit sections:

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