GP with a Leadership role...

...who are NOT medical managers

Many GPs are commissioned, employed or elected to leadership roles which comprise part of their working week in addition to their clinical commitment. These roles vary very widely in remit and the proportion of time they take up.  GPs in these roles are not part of the medical management structure but they play a vital part in providing leadership from the profession.

This may be an opportunity to discuss with your appraiser;

  • How you gather feedback about your leadership capability
  • Review any change you have been involved in which has required your influencing or leadership skills
  • How to evidence the impact of that change
  • Review any personal development needs you may have in this area

Leadership and Change - Module | File Size: 76.5 KB | Date Updated: 03/10/2014

This module is used as a reflective template for GPs who work in Leadership role(s).

Leadership in (GP) Appraisal | File Size: 541.5 KB | Date Updated: 03/10/2014

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