A lot of hard work has gone into the development of the Appraisal toolkits on this website.

Original Scottish GP Appraisal Toolkit (for use with old 7 Headings of GMP)

The original toolkit was designed for use with the old appraisal forms, our Special thanks for their contributions to:

  • Jean Robson - NHS Dumfries & Galloway
  • Peter Berrey - NHS Lothian
  • Rhoda Abel - NHS Forth Valley
  • Niall Cameron - NES
  • Murray Lough - NES
  • Ken Lawton - RCGP Scotland
  • Joyce McCrae - NES (Central GP Appraisal Team)
  • Marjorie McArthur - NES (Central GP Appraisal Team)
  • Ian Staples - NES (Central GP Appraisal Team)
  • William Liu - NES (Central GP Appraisal Team)
  • Dean Marshall - BMA Scotland
  • Andrew Buist - BMA Scotland

We would also like to thank the Scottish National Revalidation Steering Group, Michelle Keenan and Helen Whitham (RCGP Scotland) for their significant contributions in the original Revalidation Toolkit (2003).

Scottish National Revalidation Steering Group

  • Dr W Reith - (Chair) - RCGP Scotland
  • Dr B Keighley - GMC
  • Dr M Scott - RCGP Scotland
  • Mr K Gwilt - GMC
  • Dr C Hunter - NES
  • Dr H Whyte - SEHD
  • Dr D Bruce - NES
  • Prof T S Murray - NES
  • Prof P McAvoy - GMC
  • Ms G McDonald - RCGP Scotland
  • Dr D Kelly - NES
  • Dr D Morton - SAMD
  • Dr D Love - SGPC
  • Dr M Lough - RCGP Scotland
  • Dr D Snadden - NES
  • Dr D Watts - SGPC
  • Dr D Blaney - NES
  • Dr M Church - SGPC
  • Ms N Wilson - Patient Representative
  • Dr K Donaldson - RCGP (UK Representative)

Additional GP Toolkits (Sessional, OOH, Additional Roles)

The Sessional and Out Of Hours (OOH) Toolkits are based on material from the Medical Appraisal Scotland website of NHS Education Scotland (NES) and developed by Michael Norbury and Peter Berrey, working with Bill O'Neill and Mark Allardice from Lothian Unscheduled Care Service, part funded by NES January 2011.

Reworked GP Toolkits for use with online forms (4 Domains)

Our Special thanks in particular to Dr Peter Berrey.  Without his knowledge, experience and expertise, these toolkits would not have been possible.

Secondary Care Appraisal Toolkit

A lot of hard work has gone into the development of this toolkit, our special thanks for their contributions to:

  • Gordon Birnie - NHS Fife
  • Niall Cameron - NES
  • Peter Berrey - NHS Lothian & NHS Borders
  • Joyce McCrae - NES (Medical Appraisal Team)
  • Marjorie McArthur - NES (MedicalAppraisal Team)
  • Ian Staples - NES (Medical Appraisal Team)
  • William Liu - NES (Medical Appraisal Team)

We would also like to thank the National Appraisal Leads Group for their guidance regarding this toolkit, and also all the Secondary Care Appraiser Tutor panel for their continued support.

Furthermore, as much of the toolkit is based around the structure of the GP Toolkits, we wish to extend our gratitude to Drs Peter Berrey and Jean Robson for their significant contributions to the original Scottish GP Appraisal Toolkit.

This page was last updated on: 19/07/2017