Appraisal in the new world

2021 Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference: Webinar #3

Presenters Dr Krystyna Gruszecka, GP Appraiser, NHS Ayrshire and Arran / Appraiser Course Tutor, NHS Education for Scotland; and
Dr Hilary MacPherson, Secondary Care Appraisal Lead, NHS Orkney
Description The session will focus on two specific aspects:
(1) The pros and cons of remote/virtual appraisals; and
(2) Focus on the appraisees’ wellbeing.
There will be two short pre-recorded videos which will be shared with participants on the day. A “How not to do it icebreaker video” will be followed by discussions of pros and cons of virtual appraisals; and a “How can we focus on well-being” short video will be followed by discussion and guide to resources/support for appraisers.

Above is the video recording of the webinar session which took place at the conference on 27/05/2021.

The video has been edited due to technical difficulties experienced on the day.

Resource references

ResourceWeb link
National Wellbeing Hub
Scottish Ballet: Health at Hand
Scottish Ballet: Health at Hand YouTubr playlist
College of Medicine and Integrated Health
BMA Counselling Service
Workforce Specialist Service or
Royal Medical Benevolent Fund
The Cameron Fund (for GPs)



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