Empowering performance from appraisal

2021 Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference: Webinar #2

Presenter Kate Burnett, Consultant in System Psychodynamics and Organisational Coach, Global Centre of Right Relationship
Description Medical appraisal is fundamental in productive, happy and high performing organisations. Compassionate connective relationships are at the heart of this work. In this session, through dialogue together, we will explore the impact of medical appraisal on your organisation, your team and you as an individual. We will show how compassion can be lost and found in appraisal relationships and why identifying system anxiety can help us redefine the way we think about medical appraisal. How reflective are our doctors’?

Above is the video recording of the webinar session which took place at the conference on 27/05/2021.

The video has been edited to remove the breakout room session which was not recorded.

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