Speaking Truth to Power in Appraisal

2021 Scottish Medical Appraisers Conference: Webinar #1

Presenter Professor Megan Reitz, Professor of Leadership and Dialogue, Ashridge Hult Executive Education (www.meganreitz.com)
Description  We each have 'conversational habits' that inform when we speak up and when we stay silent, as well as when we listen and when we don't. They are informed by our perceptions of power and status. In the appraisal conversation, what gets said and what doesn't can have significant consequences. In this session Professor Megan Reitz draws on her research, published in BMJ Leader, Harvard Business Review and her book Speak Up, to explain how power plays out in appraisals, the traps to be aware of that silence appraisees and how to 'listen up' in a way that enables open and productive conversations to take place.

Above is the video recording of the webinar session which took place at the conference.

The video has been edited to remove the breakout room session which was not recorded.


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