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NES MSF Questionnaire

Are you thinking of doing an MSF for your forthcoming appraisal?


In order to revalidate, the GMC requires all doctors where possible to participate in an MSF process once every five years. In order to minimise confusion and ensure fairness across all medical specialties, the Scottish Government commissioned NES to develop a National system for Multi Source Feedback (MSF), focusing on the essential attributes that all doctors should demonstrate when working with colleagues, no matter their specialty or setting.

WASP Software & SOAR

The NES MSF tool was developed by a company called WASP Software. Initially the system was setup as a standalone process. In January 2013 an IT project took place to link up SOAR to WASP to ensure a seamless experience for those undertaking MSF via SOAR. Users simply login to SOAR to access the WASP MSF service.

Summary of Process

  • Login to SOAR, and click on "MSF" from the menu
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you will be redirected to the WASP website
  • You will be asked some initial questions about yourself, and then complete the self assessment questionnaire
  • Following this, you will be asked to identify at least 15 raters. Have their email addresses to hand (you require a minimum of 8 responses in order for the system to generate a report).
  • The raters should be people you work with on a regular basis, and from a range of staff groups (for example - nurses, AHPs, admin and clerical staff, managerial staff, other doctors). Please let your raters know to expect an email from WASP Software. The more effort you put in to informing your rater colleagues, the more useful the feedback you should receive.
  • Thereafter the online system will take over the administration and you need do nothing else. The system will contact your raters and send reminder emails. They will be given guidance on the purpose of the questionnaire, how to complete it, and will have three weeks to complete the questionnaire.
  • The system will then collate all responses to produce a report which you and your appraiser will be able to access from SOAR:  One week before your appraisal interview date (as recorded on SOAR), SOAR will connect to WASP to download your MSF report (if available) and insert it into your appraisal forms.  You will be notified via system emails when this has been done.
  • To ensure this happens smoothly, you should login to SOAR and begin the MSF process at least 4 weeks prior to your meeting with your appraiser (we recommend 6-8 weeks prior to interview date to give yourself plenty of time).

Before undertaking colleague multi-source feedback it is essential:

  1. To read this information on MSF
  2. To consider the following information on when to undertake MSF, and if you are not sure, please discuss with your appraiser

Appraisees should give due consideration to undertaking MSF if...

If you are currently dealing with significant difficult personal or professional issues, this may not be the best time to undertake MSF. If you need to complete the MSF, for Revalidation, we advise that you discuss this with your appraiser before proceeding.

How to get started:

The system works best if it ties in with your annual appraisal and if you begin the process more than 4 weeks prior to your appraisal date (we recommend 6-8 weeks before).

However we realise that there may be certain situations where this is not possible. Therefore currently there are the following options:

  1. If your appraisal is due in the next few months- you can log onto the system and get started now (give yourself 6-8 weeks prior to your appraisal)
  2. If you have already had your appraisal but require an MSF for Revalidation purposes, you can either:
  • discuss with your appraiser the possibility of reviewing the report with you at a separate one-off meeting and, if agreed, undertake the process now
  • if this is not possible, undertake the process now and the online system can hold the report until a week before your appraisal
  • wait until your appraisal is due and undertake the process then, starting 6-8 weeks before your appraisal date.

As part of your preparation for your MSF, make sure you have at least 15 raters in mind and that you have their CORRECT email addresses.

Who do I contact to get started?

The first step is to read the above summary.

Next step is to check that you have a date for your appraisal.

The system works best if you begin the MSF process 6-8 weeks prior to your appraisal date. If you have an appraisal date arranged, begin the MSF online process by simply logging into SOAR, click on "MSF" from the menu (underneath "My Details") and follow the on-screen instructions.

Repeating MSF

When MSF was originally set up, we were only funded to provide one MSF Report for the initial revalidation cycle. If you wish to repeat your MSF, the old MSF on WASP Software needs to be deleted first.

To do this, please contact for further assistance (ensure to provide your GMC number).


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