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Improving Appraisal Conversations: Coaching GROW model

Improving Appraisal Conversations: Coaching GROW model

As part of the NES Refresher Appraiser programme of activities to supporting the medical appraiser workforce, NES has teamed up with the Academy of Executive Coaching and organised a few one-day training events on use of coaching skills for interested appraisers.

This training, which includes practice sessions, aims to give appraisers an introduction to the GROW model.  By the end of the workshop, the participants should have some familiarity with this model of coaching and have gained confidence in using the required skills in an appraisal setting.

The training day is a full one-day event and delivered virtually via Zoom so no travel is required.

Please be advised that there will be a small amount of pre-course work involved prior to attending the training.

It is important to note that the training day is NOT intended to train appraisers to becoming coaches, but rather giving appraisers an opportunity to learn a different skill that they can use in an appraisal setting.

Application process:

This half-day session is part of the NES Refresher Appraiser programme of activities, and as such places are only offered to Medical Appraisers working in Scotland.  To apply please complete the below form:

Please note, this training is more suited to experienced appraisers who have been appraising for at least a year.

This page was last updated on: 03/03/2023


Date: 25/04/2023

Location: Zoom (9:30am to 5pm)

D/Ref: IACC230425