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DL 3 Coronavirus COVID-19 Arrangements for NHS Scotland Staff | File Size: 355.34 KB | Date Updated: 28/05/2020

Update from 13/03/2020

Please see above communication from SG (13/03/2020) regarding the postponing of non-urgent meetings, conferences and developmental training - including appraisals.


Please contact William to update the latest status re your area.

Health BoardStatusUpdated date
Argyll & Bute (Primary Care) NHS Highland have agreed to suspend GP appraisal in line with other boards. 16/03/2020
Ayrshire & Arran

The below message was sent on behalf of Dr John Taylor & Dr Iain Jamieson to all NHS A&A Appraisers:

The Scottish Government are recommending that Appraisals are postponed. This will reduce non-essential activity as well as non-essential contact.

If appraisals are already prepared and arranged, they can go ahead if both the appraisee and appraiser are happy to continue and do not have excessive workload pressures.

Telephone appraisals are not encouraged but video appraisals can be done as an alternative to face to face interviews. Any secure system can be used e.g. Skype, Facetime or Lynx (but not Whatsapp).

New appraisal interviews should not be planned for the next six months (or until after the end of the COVID19 peak).

The appraiser can complete a Form 5A for 2019/20 appraisals that are not yet completed. The appraisal is being cancelled on the advice of the Scottish Government and this should be documented on the Form 5A. The expectation would be that the subsequent 2020/21 appraisal interview would cover everything since the last appraisal interview (two years).

Revalidation Recommendations will continue to be made for doctors based on the information available. It is possible that some doctors revalidation dates will need to be deferred but in the circumstances this will be unavoidable.

Borders Re Appraisals: Business as usual unless clinicians are too busy with new priorities 12/03/2020
Fife NHS Fife has now stopped all appraisals (both Primary and Secondary Care) until further notice 16/03/2020
Forth Valley All staff and GP’s within Forth Valley have been advised to review NHS Inform and Health Protection Scotland website. At this current time it is business as usual 12/03/2020
Golden Jubilee All study leave has been cancelled, local meetings discouraged and only essential business travel should be undertaken 12/03/2020
Grampian (Primary Care) Assuming that the appraiser and the appraisee are both in good health, please continue appraising by some form of videoconferencing e.g. Skype so that Appraisals can keep going as normal 13/03/2020
Gt Glasgow and Clyde (Primary Care) In the very short term we are likely to continue to offer appraisals in a modified form and it is likely after two weeks or so we will simply postpone for a few months as GPs become much busier. We will update you on this as the week unfolds. 16/03/2020
Lothian Business as usual 12/03/2020
NHS Education for Scotland Postponing all non-urgent business such as meetings, conferences and developmental training until July. 16/03/2020
  • For SG and ROs – business as usual (for now) and if necessary interviews can be held by Skype or something similar. However, should it be necessary then appraisals can be postponed.
  • For Healthcare Improvement Scotland – business as usual (for now) but that may have to change.
  • For NSS it is business as usual (for now) and Dr Lorna Ramsay (RO) has agreed for individuals to carry out appraisal virtually
Tayside Business as usual 11/03/2020
Western Isles (Primary Care) Regarding Appraisals: All non-urgent travel requests are suspended. Pragmatic approach will be adopted on a case by case basis to either conduct by VC or delay. 13/03/2020
UKPHR (Public Health Register In line with the guidance from NHSE, and in response from requests from registrants engaged in the fight against COVID-19 throughout the UK, we have decided that the requirement to undertake an annual professional appraisal is suspended for the months of April to September 2020 inclusive. Appraisals due to be completed during these months will count as “approved missed appraisals” so that your appraisal timeline can continue as before once appraisals can recommence.
Extract from letter that has been sent to all UKPHR registrants

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