Making Appraisal Relevant for Sessional GPs

It is recognised that Sessional GPs who have no fixed practice base will find that some of the examples in the main toolkit are impractical for them, whilst other "mainstream" suggestions offer limited scope for reflective learning.

This toolkit is intended to offer guidance on ways in which a Sessional GP can gather in-depth evidence of personal relevance for appraisal.

The options suggested for all GPs in the main toolkit should be discussed, together with some further examples which are more specific to a Sessional GP's work.

Sessional doctors are encouraged to use the same methods as those for established GP Principals, when it is appropriate. Sometimes this is not feasible, for example where a peripatetic locum has been unable to engage with a regular "buddy" practice or a Sessional GPs' small study group.

There are also aspects of work which are very important to a Sessional GP, but of no relevance to a GP Principal. You will find examples in these documents which will give you ideas on how you might use existing tools in a different way, and some alternatives for when you cannot.

An Important Tip!

If you work in any practice on a regular or frequent basis, consider asking them if you can be included in their teaching and learning activities.  Try asking them if you can be "adopted" by the practice for appraisal purposes.  You could remind them (diplomatically) that helping you may improve the service you give them.

This page was last updated on: 18/08/2016