Further Help and Support

Your first source of help and advice on core topics should be your appraiser.

Your local postgraduate centre may be able to help with practical teaching and learning - for example on audit.

All areas have NHS prescribing advisers. Some are pharmacists, others are doctors. All have a specific remit to help doctors working in general practice to examine their prescribing.

Some NHS areas have a referrals adviser. It may be possible to gain advice on referral pathways or your referral statistics.

Most NHS hospital and community X-ray departments are able to extract reports and data for a named user of their services. Most laboratories are led by clinicians who are happy to advise on appropriate use of their services.

In some areas a review service is offered for video consultations, although you may have to pay for this. Ask your postgraduate centre if this is available.

The RCGP is a valuable source of information on many aspects of practice.

This page was last updated on: 18/08/2016