Domain 4:

Maintaining Trust

Mandatory self declaration statements (required every appraisal)

In Domain 4, you are asked to complete 3 self declarations on SOAR:

  • Complaints / Critical Incidents (Core Element E)
  • Health (Core Element F)
  • Probity (Core Element G)

This is handled in exactly the same way for all groups of doctors, including Sessional GPs.

These self declarations are simple straightforward forms with a series of yes/no questions, and where appropriate, you will be asked to provide additional commentary (e.g. Are you registered with a GP?  If you answered "no", a comments box will appear asking for additional information - perhaps you just moved to a new area, or perhaps you are situated in a rural area where the nearest GP is 90 miles away).

Similar to the other three domains, you can upload any supporting information to the form as you see fit.  Additional Reflective templates are also available if you wish to use them.

Please review main toolkit for details.

This page was last updated on: 18/08/2016