Work in a Management Role


Appraisal is NOT a Performance Review!

Management roles for doctors vary widely. However, these posts will usually be responsible to a line manager, with an agreed job plan and annual Performance Review.

Appraisal is intended to be different from a Performance Review, offering you a personal space to reflect in a formative way on your work and your learning needs, rather than those of your manager or the organisation.

It may be an opportunity for discussing with your appraiser issues such as:

  • How you feel about the feedback you have had from your employing organisation
  • Developing or improving the relationship with your line manager
  • Your personal development needs (as distinct from those prioritised for your job)
  • Your views on developing your current post and how this might be done
  • Your medium to long term career aspirations

Four module templates are provided. They are:

  1. Audit - as applied to a management role
  2. Description and reflections on your role and ways in which it might be improved
  3. Handling complaints made by service users against colleagues or the organisation
  4. Handling problem colleagues - lessons learned and ways to do it differently

These templates are intended for use under the "Quality Improvement Activity" heading on Form 3. However you may find it useful to bear in mind the bullet points (above) when completing other parts of the form. The aim is to ensure that your appraisal is matched to the job you do rather than a 'one size fits all' model.

Medical Manager - Module 1 (Audit) | File Size: 78 KB | Date Updated: 14/02/2014

This module uses the basic principles of clinical audit, but it offers an opportunity to apply them to a management setting.

Medical Manager - Module 2 (Performance) | File Size: 79.5 KB | Date Updated: 14/02/2014

This module is used to reflect on your performance as a manager.

Medical Manager - Module 3 (Complaints) | File Size: 82.5 KB | Date Updated: 14/02/2014

This module is a reflective tool which allows you to discuss the way you handled issues such as Complaints from patients or relatives against colleagues; or Concerns raised with you about the service.

Medical Manager - Module 4 (Dealing with Colleagues) | File Size: 79 KB | Date Updated: 14/02/2014

The way in which concerns about GPs are handled varies considerably between Health Boards. This module may be used by any doctor who is involved in the process, either in a leading or advisory role.

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