Following user feedback, a generic CPD log was developed on SOAR (in 2015) to support those without access to an electronic CPD logging system.

The CPD Log function on SOAR is generic and simple in nature, and is designed to link in with forthcoming appraisals.  Below is a basic guide to help users better understand how the log works and the different fields available.

Use of the SOAR CPD Log is optional. If you already use an electronic log (e.g. College Portfolio systems), leave this section blank and export the log from whatever system you use and upload it as part of your Supporting Information to your appraisal (under Domain 1).  You can also upload logs that are stored on a spreadsheet or Word document.

Access the CPD Log by logging in to SOAR and from the menu on the left, click on Form 3 > Domain 1 > CPD Log.

The CPD Log interface

 The CPD Log has three key functions:

  1. Add CPD entry
  2. View / Edit CPD entries (by appraisal submission)
  3. Collective Reflection


CPD entries are displayed via the dropdown menu as illustrated in 2 above. Any items not yet submitted to an appraisal will have the status "Awaiting submission" and can be amended as required.  When submitted, the status will change to "Submitted"; and if the appraisal is then signed off, the CPD entry will become archived to that appraisal and can be viewed via the dropdown menu in 2.

When adding CPD entries, you will be asked to associate each item with your forthcoming appraisal, unless one has not been arranged/added to SOAR.

If the dropdown menu shows that you have more than one open appraisal, please contact the helpdesk to confirm the status of your appraisal history.  We will rectify this issue to avoid any confusion with your submissions.

You can add your reflections / learning on to individual CPD entries as you add them, or you can do a group / collective reflection in the comment boxes as illustrated in 3 above. The collective reflection is also associated with each appraisal submission (so will change according to the appraisal period selected in the dropdown menu in 2).

Add a new CPD entry:

  1. The CPD Log can be accessed either by clicking "View CPD Log" on the Dashboard page, or through the draft Form 3, Domain 1, from the menu on the left

  2. Once in the CPD Log tab, click on  CPD Log 2 near the top of the page

  3. Fill out each section of the CPD entry. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (you won't be able to save the entry until all mandatory fields are completed):

    • *Learning Activity/Topic
    • *Activity Type - Select from Clinical, Management or Teaching
    • *GMC Domain - Select which of the four GMC domains is appropriate
    • *Activity Date
    • End Date (if applicable)
    • *Description of your activity (what did you do?) 
    • *Credits/hours claimed
    • Linked to PDP - link it to a particular PDP item that was agreed from last year's Form 4
    • Description of learning outcome/impact and your reflection - you can add reflections on a CPD entry here or, if you wish, in the "Collective Reflection" section (see below)
    • Set Reminder - You can set a Reminder for individual CPD entries if you wish (SOAR will send an email reminder on the set date)
    • *Linked to Interview - select which open appraisal you wish to link the CPD entry to (this should usually be your upcoming appraisal)

  4. You can also upload any supporting info (certificates, etc) to individual CPD entries using the "Add Document" button. For more information on this, see the "Uploading Documents" section

  5. Click the "Save" button at the bottom to save.

Editing CPD Entries and Collective Reflection

  1. CPD entries can be edited as needed (so long as the linked appraisal has not been signed off). First you need to select the appropriate open appraisal the CPD entry was saved to, from the dropdown menu called "Show CPD Entries":
    CPD Log 3

  2. A table listing the saved CPD Entries for that appraisal should appear. Click "Edit" to make changes, or "Delete" to remove a saved CPD Entry

    CPD Log 5

  3. Underneath this is the "Collective Reflection" section, where you can add a collective reflection highlighting your most significant learning(s) since your last appraisal.

CPD entries are submitted to appraisals for sharing with Appraisers, just like PDP and all other pieces of supporting information.


View old CPD entries

To review past CPD entries:

  • Select the year of the appraisal via the dropdown menu
  • When the CPD page refreshes, click on the "View submitted CPD details" button
  • This will redirect you to the appraisal and the submitted documents page, expand the CPD section to review the full details of what was submitted.

View CPDentries

This page was last updated on: 06/09/2018