Local Administration Teams

Primary and Secondary Care, and Deanery regional teams

This page has been split up into three sections:

  • Primary Care administrators
  • Secondary Care administrators
  • Deanery Region (Trainee) administrators

The documents below are intended for all administrators.  Where applicable, Primary/Secondary Care/Trainee specific documents are in the sub sections at the bottom of the page.

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How do I assign Appraisal Co-ordinators?

How to assign Appraisal Co-ordinators

This applies to ALL roles associated with Academic Appraisal (Primary and Secondary Care)

The Appraisal Co-ordinator Role

  • This role is for those who need to be informed of the appraisal process but are not involved in it
  • This would include:
    • Line Managers
    • Clinical Directors
    • Associate Medical Directors
    • University Administrators (can perform admin functions but only for those Clinical Academics assigned to them)

Assigning a Co-ordinator

  1. Search and select the relevant Appraisee
  2. Click on the 'PC Appraisee' or ('SC Appraisee') tab
  3. Select Co-ordinator from 'Appraisal Co-ordinator Assignment(s)' drop-down menu. &nbsp If the required Co-ordinator does not appear in drop-down list, the Co-ordinator role will need to be added to that user first. Please see 'How do I create a new user account?' for reference
  4. Click on the 'Add Co-ordinator' button
  5. Click 'Save'

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How do I Change the appraiser for a specific interview?

The appraiser or co-appraiser for a specific interview can be changed as follows.

  1. Log in to SOAR
  2. Click on 'Interviews' on the menu on the left of the page
  3. Search for the appraisee as required.
  4. On the interview page, click on the 'change' button beside the appraiser's name
  5. Select the appraiser from the drop down box
  6. Click on 'Save'

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How do I unlock Form 4 after appraisal is completed?

How to unlock Form 4 after an appraisal is completed


There are two possible scenarios where you (the local admin) might get asked to unlock a signed off Form 4:

  • To allow the Appraiser to amend Form 4 or
  • To allow the Appraisee to add further documents to the appraisal (MSF, PSQ etc)

Both will require the unlocking of Form 4 in the first instance

Unlock a Form 4:

  • Click on 'Appraisees' from the menu on the left of the page
  • Search for the appraisee by name or GMC number
  • Click on the 'Appraisals' tab
  • Click on the notepad icon corresponding to the interview of interest
  • On the interview page, click on the 'Form 4' tab
  • On the 'Form 4' page, click on the unlock button
  • Enter reason for unlocking when prompted
  • Click Unlock

Enable Further Documentation

Form 4 has now been successfully unlocked and SOAR will email Appraiser and Appraisee confirming so. The unlocked Form 4 allows the Appraiser to make changes as required. However, to enable Appraisees to add more documents to the interview, there is one more step

  • On the Form 4 (from previous step) – click Enable Additional Documentation
  • This creates a new tab, allowing the appraisee to add further documents to their appraisal as required
  • That is all you (local admin) need to do
  • You will not, however, be able to view any documents uploaded to the interview. That will remain confidential between appraiser and appraisee (same as submitted forms).

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How do I create a new user account?

To create a new user account

Once you are assured that the user is NOT on SOAR:

  1. Select 'New user' from the menu on the left of the page to create the new user account
    • Fill out the General Details for the new user
    • Required fields are forename, surname, email address and GMC number
    • Allocate a new unique login name and password (must be alpha-numeric and at least 8 characters long)
    • Leave the Security Questions section blank. The new user will add this information once logged in
    • Click 'Save'
    • If the login name inserted is already in use you will be prompted to change it
  2. Add the user's roles
    • When saved, a new 'Roles' tab will appear - click on this
    • Select the user's Role from the drop-down menu
    • Select the user's Health Board from the drop-down menu
    • Click the 'Add New Role' button
    • Click 'Save'
    • Return to the 'General Details' tab
  3. Re-enter the password (this triggers an email to the user informing them of their login details)

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How do I deal with a login request?

Dealing with Login Requests

A user may approach you for help with a login by phone or email. However, they should be advised to submit a SOAR Login Request form. Once this has been completed you will receive an email confirmation and you (as Admin) need to create the account following local checks e.g

  • Check to see if the user works for your Health Board
  • Primary care: GP on the performers list?
  • Secondary care: consultant on the HR system?
  • Doesn't work for you? Send it to SOAR@nes.scot.nhs.uk
  • If the user is on the list - proceed to search and amend their login details as necessary.
  • Search for Existing account
    • Search GMC number, email and spelling of surname
  • Amend login details
    • Check 'last updated' date (in case already actioned by someone else)
    • Assign a dummy password or use Reset button to wipe password and security questions
    • The system will send automated email to user confirming their login details

When to create a new user account on SOAR

A new user account will need to be created if:

  • A doctor is no longer a trainee (post-CCT)
    • Trainee accounts are separate from the Primary and Secondary Care accounts on SOAR
    • Qualified/post-CCT trainees will need a new account created for appraisal purposes
    • Trainee accounts will be archived post-CCT
  • A doctor is new to working in Scotland
    • SOAR is only used by those working in Scotland
    • Doctors joining from outside Scotland (England, EU, etc) will need an account set up
    • You may need to request a Form 4 equivalent to confirm they've been appraised

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How do I track appraisal progress?

Tracking appraisals

In order to obtain the status of an appraisal, log on to SOAR and then click on the 'Interview' link on the left of the page to create a search. The search can be refined by selecting one or more of the options from the drop down boxes.

The interview status options have the following definitions:

  • To Be Submitted - Appraisal Forms not submitted and Confidentiality Statement not yet accepted
  • In progress - Appraisal Forms have been submitted
  • Completed - Interview complete, Form 4 (summary) signed off
  • Completed (Manually) - Interview complete, Form 4 (summary) manually signed off
  • To Be Submitted and In Progress - combination of the above

The results table shows the status of both the interview and form 4. Interview details can be obtained by clicking on the pencil icon pencil icon in the edit column of the table. Note that the columns with dark-blue text can be sorted by clicking on the column name. Also, clicking on enties in the Appraisee, Appraiser at Interview Time and Form status columns will open a new page that contains further details.


interview search results

The entries in the 'Co' column refer to co-appraiser status at Interview Time

  • Yes = Co-Appraiser involved
  • No = No Co-Appraiser involved
  • U = You are the Co-Appraiser

If required, interviews can be dleted by clicking on the red X (delete icon) in the delete column. Note that the form 4 must be in draft form before this can be done.

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How do I archive user accounts on SOAR?

Archiving User Accounts

When a doctor is no longer working in Scotland their SOAR user account needs to be archived.

To do this:

  1. Find the user on SOAR
  2. Click on the 'Roles' tab
  3. Click on the 'Remove' button for all roles that have been assigned to the user
  4. Click 'Save'
  5. Click the button to change account from 'Live' to 'Archived'
  6. Click 'Save' again to retain changes

If a doctor is simply moving to a different Health Board in Scotland, their user account does NOT need to be archived In this case the doctor's role needs to be updated.

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How do I grant access to former appraisees?

How do I grant access to former appraisees?

On occasion a former appraisee may request temporary access to documentation from their previous appraisals.

To do this:

  1. Find the user on SOAR and click on the 'Roles' tab
  2. If the account has been archived it will need to be made 'Live' first, and click Save - then:
  3. Select either PC or SC Appraisee Role (dependent on their previous role/access they require)
  4. Select Health Board as 'Other' - Do NOT use any other Health Board for this purpose
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. User can now access SOAR using previous login details
  7. Add an Admin Note, provide details on why the account was added to 'Other' Health Board
  8. Ask the user to inform you once they no longer require access, so the account can be re-archived accordingly


  • Former appraisees would include:
    • Doctors who have moved from Primary to Secondary Care (or vice-versa). These doctors can only access appraisals for their current role so a temporary role will need to be set up to access previous appraisals
    • Doctors who no longer work in Scotland
    • Doctors who moved abroad
  • As our internal protocol, we check users in the 'Other' Health Board periodically
  • We will check for the users' admin notes first, before making contact with the user to see if they still need access to SOAR
  • Upon user confirmation, we will either
    • Remove the user role and re-archive the account; or
    • Leave the account as is to allow user more time

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How do I assign appraisers to appraisees?

Appraiser/appraisee assignment

It is the health boards' responsibility to pair up appraiser to appraisee(s). This has been agreed nationally at Scottish government level and is actioned by the local admin teams with assistance and guidance from Local Appraisal Advisers (LAAs). Note the following:

  • appraisees cannot choose their own appraisers
  • appraiser assignment requests sent to SOAR helpdesk will be forwarded to local teams as we have no involvement in the process

To allocate an appraiser to appraisees

There are two ways to allocate appraisers:

  1. Assign appraiser to appraisee individually
    • Clinical academic appraisees will also need a co-appraiser assigned to them
    • A co-ordinator can also be assigned to an appraisee.
  2. Assign an appraiser to a group of appraisees
    • This can be useful if, for example, you wish to assign a single appraiser to a number of GPs in a particular practice or doctors in a health board

To assign an appraiser or co-appraiser:

  1. Click on 'appraisee' in the menu on the left
  2. Search for the appraisee
  3. Click on the appraisee's name in the results table to
  4. Click on the 'PC appraisee' (or 'SC appraisee') tab
  5. Select the appraiser from the dropdown box (If appraiser not on list, contact SOAR for clarification)
  6. Select co-appraiser from drop-down menu (if required). Check tick box if the appraisee is a clinical academic (an academic medicine form is then created for appraisee)
  7. Click on the 'Save' button to complete the operation

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What can I do with the revalidation dashboard?

SOAR Revalidation Dashboard

Guidance for Responsible Officer (RO) Support Teams, Appraisal Leads / Admins / Co-ordinators

  • The Revalidation Dashboard provides details of doctors that are:
    • 'Ready for Revalidation' and
    • 'Not Ready for Revalidation'
  • ROs can 'batch' revalidate those on the Ready list
  • Those on the 'Not ready' list will require individual review

Default settings for 'Ready to Revalidate'

In order for a doctor to appear on the RO's 'Ready to Revalidate' list, they will have:

  • All '1' scorings in all the Core Elements in the 4 Domains in their appraisals
  • At least 1x '1' scored in MSF
  • At least 1x '1' scored in PSQ
  • Had no more than 1x 5A logged against them
  • Had no 5B or 5C logged against them
  • Have 'No issues' in their declarations in their latest signed off appraisal
  • For GPs, they will have been marked by their appraiser as 'on-track' for Revalidation in their latest signed off appraisal


  • As the Appraisal Lead / Adviser, Administrators, 'Co-ordinators' in your Health Board on SOAR (line managers, AMDs, Clinical Directors etc), you have the function to move doctors to and from the Ready and Not Ready lists.
  • Added complication for GPs - those who used old appraisal forms before switching to the online forms will most likely appear on the 'Not Ready' list because we are unable to track whether they have completed the relevant core elements within each Domain - these GPs will require manual review.

Revalidation via SOAR

Revalidate Via SOAR


  • When ROs revalidate someone via SOAR, either via batch or individually, the recommendation sits in SOAR for 24 hours before it is sent to the GMC
  • This gives them the opportunity to cancel and change the recommendation if required (last minute information made available to you, accidental clicks etc)
  • Alternatively there is a 'Send now' button to skip the 24 hour wait if they are certain
  • Once the recommendation is sent to the GMC, they will process this as if the details had been entered directly on GMC Connect
  • When a decision has been made, the GMC will update their records and SOAR will grab the information in automated overnight processes
  • The information will be displayed on SOAR accordingly thereafter (recommendation accepted, rejected, why, etc)


  • If the RO for your Health Board changes, please inform us ASAP
  • Each Revalidation recommendation is linked to the GMC's recognised Responsible Officers
  • If/when there is a change, we need to update both SOAR and GMC Connect (otherwise it may cause the recommendations to bounce)


How do I access the Revalidation Recommendation Dashboard?

Login and Change Role (if needed) to either 'Local Appraisal Adviser', 'Appraisal Lead', 'Administrator' or 'Co-ordinator' by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner

PC Local Appraisal Advisor Role

Click on 'Revalidation Recommendation' in the menu on the left of the page to access the Dashboard.

Revalidation Recommendation (Dashboard)

Revalidation Search Settings


  • You only have access to your sector's doctors (Primary or Secondary Care)
  • Search by the penultimate GMC number (6th digit)
  • When GMC receives/confirms the RO's recommendation, it is displayed in the Status and Date columns
  • To move a doctor between the Ready and Not-Ready lists, click on doctors' name to individually review and action
  • GPs who used old appraisal forms will not have their appraisals recorded in this table, only those interviews with online forms

Under a doctor's profile on SOAR, you can click on the 'Revalidation' tab where you can see, at a glance, whether a doctor has met the requirements to appear on the Ready list.

The RO Revalidation Readiness button can be used to move a doctor to or from the 'ready for revalildation' list and the 'not ready for revalildation' list.

SC Health Board Admin RO Revalidation Readiness Buttons

Revalidation Table Sml

  • Core Elements A, B, C, E, F and G must have all '1'
  • Core Elements D (both) must have at least one '1'
  • No more than one 5A
  • No 5B or 5C
  • In latest appraisal, doctor needs to be marked as 'on-track' for revalidation;
  • And have no issues in their self declarations
  • If/when revalidated, SOAR will update the table


  • Click on 'Revalidation Recommendation' to access the dashboard
  • Dashboard will bring up those 'Ready for Revalidation' by default
  • Unless you are the agreed RO proxy, you are not asked to Revalidate doctors, only your recommendations to the RO
  • Those on the 'Ready' list will have either met all the default system requirements; or manually moved to this list 
  • Once recommendation is made on SOAR by the RO, they have 24 hours to change their mind
  • SOAR will connect to GMC in automated overnight processes to check and see if the recommendation has been accepted (or not); and will update SOAR accordingly thereafter
  • Please inform us if the RO in your Health Board changes

Any further queries please submit a helpdesk ticket, either via the black 'Help' box to the right of every page on SOAR, or email SOAR@nes.scot.nhs.uk

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